Matthew Brunken wearing water vest before long run

About Matthew Brunken

Empowering Runners, Building Community

Matthew Brunken, MBA, embodies the spirit of perseverance, excellence, and community service. As a distinguished semi-professional runner and a certified private coach based in Nebraska, Matthew has dedicated his life to the sport of running, with a particular focus on the 10k and half marathon distances. His website, MatthewBrunken.me, serves as a hub for his insights, achievements, and contributions to the running community and beyond.

A Runner’s Journey

Matthew’s running career is marked by a series of accomplishments and personal bests, but it’s his journey and approach to the sport that truly set him apart. From his early days residing intermittently in and around Lago Vista since 2008, to becoming a well-recognized figure among runners, Matthew’s path showcases dedication, hard work, and a deep love for running.

Coaching Philosophy

Matthew holds a unique coaching philosophy centered around individual growth, mental resilience, and community support. As a certified coach, he has successfully trained student athletes who have gone on to compete collegiately and professionally.

Championing Change

Matthew’s activism extends to challenging the status quo and advocating for equal opportunities and resources for all runners, regardless of their level or background.

Connect with Matthew

Discover more about Matthew Brunken’s inspiring journey, from his semi-professional running achievements to his impactful coaching and advocacy work. Visit MatthewBrunken.me to explore his latest projects, read insightful articles on running, and learn how you can join him in making a difference in the running community and beyond.