Alison Bastianelli: A Profile of the Accomplished Volleyball Star

Alison Bastianelli is a prominent figure in the world of volleyball, known for her remarkable skills as a middle blocker and her towering presence at 6’3″. A native of Marysville, Michigan, Bastianelli’s volleyball journey began in earnest at the University of Illinois, where she left a lasting legacy as one of the program’s most decorated players. With a prolific collegiate career that included accolades such as multiple AVCA All-America selections and the prestigious Big Ten Medal of Honor, she set a trailblazing path for future athletes in the sport. She now plays professionally with the San Diego Mojo.

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Alison Bastianelli

Transitioning into her professional volleyball career, Bastianelli expanded her horizons, playing for several teams, including the Atlanta Vibe and Athletes Unlimited in the United States and numerous international clubs. Her versatility on the court is matched by her dedication off the court, where she has also stepped into coaching, serving as a volunteer assistant coach for the Michigan Wolverines. Beyond her athletic pursuits, she enjoys a well-rounded personal life, finding balance in activities such as karate, where she is a black belt, and spending time with her rescue dog, Phoebe.

Key Takeaways

  • Alison Bastianelli has made significant contributions to volleyball at both collegiate and professional levels.
  • Her ability as a middle blocker and leadership qualities have earned her multiple awards and recognition.
  • Outside of her volleyball career, Bastianelli maintains a diverse set of interests, including coaching and martial arts.

Early Life and Education

Alison Bastianelli was born on July 24, 1997, and raised in Marysville, Michigan. From an early age, Bastianelli was exposed to a family passionate about sports. Her mother, Joan, was a dual-sport athlete, playing both volleyball and basketball at Northwood University. Her father, Gregory, also attended Northwood University, where he played football.

Personal Family Athletic Background:

  • Mother (Joan): Volleyball and basketball at Northwood University
  • Father (Gregory): Football at Northwood University
  • Sister (Sam): Volleyball at Oakland Community College
  • Brother (Nino): Wrestling at Brown University
  • Cousin (Kim): Ice hockey at Ohio State University

Blessed with natural height, Bastianelli grew into a formidable middle blocker, standing at 6’3″ tall. She pursued her volleyball career at the University of Illinois, where she joined the Illinois Fighting Illini women’s volleyball team. Her time at college was illustrious, earning numerous honors including three AVCA All-America selections.

Significant College Achievements:

  • Ranked 10th in school history with a .334 career hitting percentage
  • Illinois Fighting Illini‘s career leader in block assists (685) and total blocks (750)

Her academic commitment also shone brightly, reflected by her repeated recognition as a Big Ten Distinguished Scholar and her receipt of the 2018-19 Big Ten Medal of Honor.bastianelli

Embodying the attributes of diligence and skill not only in sports but in life, Alison Bastianelli has undeniably set a foundation for success both on and off the court.

Collegiate Volleyball Career

Alison Bastianelli’s tenure at the University of Illinois was marked by significant athletic achievements and academic accolades, setting her apart as a standout middle blocker. Her performance on the court and dedication to her studies set a high standard for future Fighting Illini athletes.

University of Illinois Achievements

At the University of Illinois, Alison Bastianelli established herself as a formidable presence. Notable for her height of 6’3″, Bastianelli’s impact as a middle blocker was significant throughout her collegiate volleyball career.

Career Records and Statistics

Bastianelli left an indelible mark on the Illinois volleyball program, ending her career as the all-time leader in block assists with 685 and total blocks with 750. Her remarkable .334 career hitting percentage also ranks her 10th in school history. These statistics reflect her consistent performance over her years with the Fighting Illini.

  • Block Assists: 685
  • Total Blocks: 750
  • Hitting Percentage: .334

Awards and Honors

Her list of accolades includes being a three-time AVCA All-America selection, receiving Third-Team honors in 2017 and 2018, and a First Team All-Big Ten honoree in her senior season. Off the court, she was a three-time Big Ten Distinguished Scholar and earned the 2018-19 Big Ten Medal of Honor, recognizing her commitment to excellence in both academics and athletics.

  • AVCA All-America Third-Team: 2017, 2018
  • All-Big Ten First Team: 2018
  • Big Ten Distinguished Scholar: 3-time selection
  • Big Ten Medal of Honor: 2018-19

Professional Volleyball Career

Alison Bastianelli has established herself as a dominant middle blocker in professional volleyball circuits, making significant contributions through her blocks and hitting percentages. At 6’3″, she leverages her height for formidable defensive plays and efficient scoring opportunities, marking her presence on both domestic and international stages.

Domestic Leagues

Bastianelli has been a key player in various domestic leagues, demonstrating her skills with notable United States teams. In 2023-24, she played for the Atlanta Vibe, bringing her professional experience to the forefront with impressive assists and service aces. She had a vigorous stint with Athletes Unlimited from 2021 to 2023, showcasing her ability to lead in blocks and assists which set her apart as an influential player in the league.

International Play

On the international level, Bastianelli sharpened her professional experience with Béziers Volley in France for the 2019-20 season. This international play enhanced her skill set and offered her invaluable exposure against some of the world’s toughest competitors, broadening her reach and influence in professional volleyball.

National Team Achievements

Bastianelli has a commendable record with the national team, earning a silver medal at the 2022 Pan American Cup Final Six, alongside her Atlanta Vibe teammates Alli Linnehan and Tori Dilfer-Stringer. Previously, she had shown her prowess at the Pan American Cup and the NORCECA Continental Championship, helping her team secure a fourth-place finish in 2021. These achievements highlight her status as a competitive player on both national and international levels.

Post-Playing Career

After an impressive period of playing professional volleyball, Alison Bastianelli transitioned into the world of coaching. In 2021, she took the role of volunteer assistant coach for the Michigan Wolverines. Bastianelli, standing at 6’3″ and a former middle blocker who dominated the courts during her college years at the University of Illinois, brought with her a wealth of experience and insights into the game.

Coaching Credentials:

  • Michigan Wolverines
    • Position: Volunteer Assistant Coach
    • Year: 2021

During her short tenure as a coach, she began imparting her knowledge, particularly in the areas she excelled in during her collegiate career. With her leadership, the players at Michigan had the opportunity to learn from someone intimately familiar with the game at a high level. Alumni of the Illinois program, Bastianelli’s efforts in coaching reflect her enduring passion for volleyball.

Her hometown being Marysville, Michigan, Alison’s involvement in coaching brings her experience full circle, contributing to the sport within her home state. Her understanding of the game has been shaped by her extensive playing career, which includes international stints and professional play across various leagues.

Alison’s connections to volleyball extend into her personal life as well, with her sister having played for Oakland Community College. Coaching could be seen as a natural progression for her, staying connected to the sport that runs in her family’s veins. Her work as a coach showcases her commitment to fostering the next generation of volleyball talent, ensuring that her knowledge and legacy continue to influence the sport she loves.

Personal Life

Alison Bastianelli’s life off the volleyball court is rich with connections to other sports and unique personal interests. Both her family heritage and individual pursuits paint a picture of a life characterized by athleticism and varied hobbies.

Connections to Other Sports

Bastianelli comes from a family deeply rooted in sports. Her mother, Joan, and father, Gregory, both attended Northwood University, where Joan played volleyball and basketball and Gregory played football. This sporting lineage extends to her siblings and cousin as well; her sister, Sam, played volleyball at Oakland Community College, and her cousin, Kim, competed in ice hockey at Ohio State. Alison’s brother, Nino, furthered the family’s athletic prowess by wrestling for Brown University from 2017 to 2021.

Personal Interests

Away from the competitive arenas of her professional life, Bastianelli has achieved a black belt in karate, showcasing her versatility and commitment to discipline in martial arts. Expanding her impact in sports, she has also stepped into a coaching role, serving as a volunteer assistant coach for the Michigan Wolverines during the 2021 season. In her personal time, Bastianelli is the devoted owner of a four-year-old rescue dog named Phoebe, reflecting her love for animals and commitment to pet rescue.

Community and Media Engagement

Alison Bastianelli, a standout middle blocker hailing from Marysville, Michigan, has successfully merged her athletic prowess with commendable community and media involvement. Standing at 6’3″ and an alumna of the University of Illinois, her off-court endeavors are as notable as her volleyball career.

In the realm of social media, Bastianelli actively maintains her presence on platforms like Instagram, connecting with a significant following that spans fellow athletes, fans, and aspiring players. Her online influence extends beyond personal updates, as she often engages in meaningful dialogues about professional sports and personal development.

While at Illinois, she was recognized for her commitment to community, academics, and athletics, which garnered her a nomination for the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award, an honor that underscores her well-rounded excellence. Athletes Unlimited Volleyball has also provided Bastianelli a stage to exhibit her leadership qualities, as evidenced by her participation in various initiatives aimed at youth empowerment and sports education.

Professional Experience:

  • Atlanta Vibe (2023-24)
  • Athletes Unlimited, USA (2021-23)

Coaching Contributions:

  • Volunteer Assistant Coach, Michigan Wolverines – 2021

Through her coaching stint with the Michigan Wolverines, she has mentored young talents, sharing her tactical knowledge and professional experiences. Her passion for coaching reflects her dedication not only to the sport but also to fostering growth and resilience among athletes.

In addition to her athletic and coaching pursuits, Bastianelli’s academic achievements at Illinois reinforce her role as a mentor. Her status as a Big Ten Distinguished Scholar and recipient of the Big Ten Medal of Honor underscores the importance she places on education, further enriching her interactions within the community and various media outlets.

Influence and Legacy

Alison Bastianelli’s impact on court as a formidable middle blocker extends far beyond her 6’3″ stature. Hailing from Marysville, Michigan, and forming the bedrock of Illinois volleyball, Bastianelli’s career has been hallmarked by a series of impressive accolades. Her professional journey includes stints with prestigious teams such as the Atlanta Vibe, Atenienses de Manati, and Béziers Volley, showcasing her skills globally.

Professional Experience:

  • Atlanta Vibe: 2023-24
  • Athletes Unlimited (USA): 2021-23

Internationally, Bastianelli has represented the USA at competitions like the 2022 Pan American Cup Final Six, clinching a Silver Medal, and the 2021 NORCECA Continental Championship, further cementing her presence in the sport.

College Experience:

  • AVCA All-America selection (Thrice)
  • Volleyball Magazine All-America Second Team (2018)

At Illinois, her influence was widely felt with Bastianelli setting the bar high as the program’s all-time leader in block assists (685) and total blocks (750) — a testament to her tenacity and technical prowess on the court. She closed her college chapter ranking 10th for a laudable .334 career hitting percentage, matched by her academic excellence as a Big Ten Distinguished Scholar.

As a coach at Michigan, Bastianelli translated her on-court savvy into imparting knowledge, indicating her dedication to fostering the next generation. Her contributions to the sport, coupled with her family’s athletic lineage, underscore a legacy that transcends the contours of the volleyball court. Alison Bastianelli is a beacon of inspiration and a pillar of pride within the volleyball fraternity.

Alison Bastianelli's childhood home, filled with books and art supplies, a young girl eagerly absorbing knowledge from her surroundings

Frequently Asked Questions

Alison Bastianelli is a renowned figure in volleyball, recognized for her remarkable achievements and contributions to the sport. This section offers detailed answers to commonly asked questions about her career and her impact on the court.

What are Alison Bastianelli’s notable achievements in volleyball?

Bastianelli has been recognized for her outstanding play with a Silver Medal at the 2022 Pan American Cup Final Six and fourth place at the 2021 NORCECA Continental Championship. Alison Bastianelli currently plays for the San Diego Mojo.

Which university did Alison Bastianelli play for and what records did she set or break?

She played for the University of Illinois, where she set records with 685 block assists and 750 total blocks, the most in the program’s history, and ranked 10th with a .334 career hitting percentage.

What position does Alison Bastianelli play and what are her strengths on the court?

Bastianelli plays as a middle blocker, standing at 6’3″. Her strengths include a formidable presence at the net, exceptional blocking skills, and powerful hitting.

Has Alison Bastianelli played for any professional teams, and if so, which ones?

Yes, she has played for several professional teams, including the Béziers Volley in France, Atenienses de Manati, Changas de Naranjito in Puerto Rico, and most recently, the Atlanta Vibe.

What awards or honors has Alison Bastianelli received during her volleyball career?

Her accolades include three-time AVCA All-America selections and a First-Team Honoree status from the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award in her senior season.

What are Alison Bastianelli’s career statistics and how have they contributed to her teams’ successes?

Bastianelli’s impressive block assists and total blocks statistics have been pivotal in leading her teams to victories and earning her a reputation as one of the best middle blockers in the game.

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