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Laura Dijkema, a prominent setter for LOVB, began her volleyball career at age 7 and quickly advanced to playing in the Netherlands' top league by 16. She made her debut with the Dutch national team in 2010, significantly elevating her profile. Known for her strategic playmaking and exceptional setting skills, Dijkema's leadership qualities and quick decision-making on the court enhance team dynamics and performance. Her role is pivotal in orchestrating the offense, ensuring smooth execution of plays and fostering team unity. Her influence at LOVB isn't just about setting balls; it's about setting standards. Discover how her journey influences her current gameplay.

Key Takeaways

  • Laura Dijkema is a prominent setter for the Dutch national volleyball team, known for her strategic playmaking.
  • She has received accolades such as the Best Setter award at the 2017 European Championship.
  • Dijkema's playing style features exceptional setting skills, utilizing her 184cm height for precise gameplay.
  • Her leadership and quick decision-making skills enhance team dynamics and performance.
  • Dijkema has played for several top clubs in Europe, boosting her experience and skill level in international volleyball.

Early Life and Background

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Laura Dijkema was introduced to volleyball at the tender age of 7, beginning her athletic journey at Smash club in Beilen. At this foundational stage, you might imagine a young Dijkema honing her skills and developing a passion that would chart the course of her career. The Dutch club environment provided a fertile ground for her burgeoning talent, emphasizing the importance of discipline, teamwork, and technical skills fundamental to volleyball.

By the time she was 16, Dijkema had escalated to a more competitive echelon, joining DOK and playing in the highest league in the Netherlands. This transition wasn't merely a step up in challenge and exposure; it was a critical pivot that positioned her on the radar of national selectors. Her performance in the Dutch league underscored her potential and readiness for international play, culminating in her debut with the Dutch national team in 2010.

Her early experiences at these clubs were instrumental in shaping her as an athlete. They provided not just training but also a glimpse into the rigorous world of professional volleyball, preparing her for future endeavors across European clubs and eventually, the global arena.

Rise to Prominence

As you explore Laura Dijkema's ascent in volleyball, you'll note her early beginnings at just 16, playing in the Netherlands' top league.

Her 2010 national team debut marked a pivotal breakthrough, aligning with her stint at Halkbank in Turkey.

This phase culminated in a memorable Olympic performance, solidifying her status as a premier setter on the international stage.

Early Volleyball Beginnings

Dijkema's journey to volleyball stardom began at the tender age of 7, when she first played for Smash club in Beilen, marking the start of a promising career. You mightn't realize it, but this early experience laid the foundation for her exceptional skills.

By 16, she'd escalated to playing in the highest league in the Netherlands with DOK, a testament to her rapid development and dedication. Over the years, she's played for several clubs, each stint honing her prowess as a setter.

Her time in these varied clubs, including prestigious leagues in Germany and Italy, not only broadened her experience but also sharpened her competitive edge, setting her up for accolades like the Best Setter at the 2017 European Championship.

National Team Breakthrough

In 2015, she achieved a major milestone by making her debut on the Dutch national team, participating in high-profile events such as the Montreux Volley Masters and the CEV European Championship. As a Dutch volleyball player, Laura Dijkema quickly showcased her exceptional setting skills, elevating her role within the team. Her strategic gameplay contributed significantly to the team's performances, cementing her status as a pivotal player.

In 2017, her prowess was officially recognized when she was named the Best Setter at the European Championship, underscoring her critical role in the team's dynamics. This accolade not only highlighted her individual talent but also her indispensable contribution to the Dutch squad's tactical executions.

Memorable Olympic Performance

Laura Dijkema's standout performance as the starting setter at the 2016 Rio Olympics marked a significant rise in her volleyball career. Here's how she shone:

  1. Exceptional Setting Skills: Dijkema's precise ball distribution drove the team's offense, setting up powerful attacks.
  2. Strategic Leadership: Her on-court leadership and ability to make quick decisions under pressure were pivotal throughout the games.
  3. Historic Finish: Her efforts helped the Netherlands secure a historic fourth-place finish, far exceeding expectations.
  4. Global Recognition: This performance catapulted her into the spotlight, earning her a reputation as one of the top setters globally.

Dijkema's role at the Rio Olympics wasn't just about setting balls but setting standards in volleyball leadership.

Role in National Team

As a key setter, Laura Dijkema orchestrates the Dutch national volleyball team's offense, seamlessly connecting with hitters to enhance their performance. Her pivotal role places her at the heart of the national team's strategic execution, where her acute awareness and quick decision-making elevate the team's dynamic during crucial moments. Her ability to read the game and set up plays makes her indispensable on the court.

Your leadership on the floor isn't just about setting balls; it's about inspiring confidence in your teammates. Under your guidance, the team has developed a robust offensive strategy that capitalizes on the strengths of each hitter. You've proven that a setter's influence extends beyond mere assists; it fosters a spirit of unity and determination.

Participating in top-tier events like the European Championship and the World Grand Prix, you've not only represented the Netherlands but also cemented your reputation as a world-class setter. Your performances, especially being named Best Setter at the 2017 European Championship, underscore your critical role in shaping the success of the Dutch team.

With every match, you continue to demonstrate why you're a cornerstone of the national squad, blending skill, leadership, and a tactical mindset to drive the team forward.

Achievements and Awards

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You'll find that Laura Dijkema's career is marked by significant achievements and awards that underline her impact in volleyball. She's secured international titles and received numerous accolades for her stellar play, most notably being named Best Setter at the 2017 European Championship.

These milestones not only highlight her skill but also her critical role in both her national team and club successes.

International Titles Won

Dijkema's mastery as a setter was recognized when she clinched the Best Setter award at the 2017 European Championship, underscoring her pivotal role in the Dutch team's international success. Here's a glimpse of her notable contributions:

  1. Best Setter Award, 2017 European Championship: A testament to her unparalleled skills in setting, leading the Dutch national team.
  2. Montreux Volley Masters: Showcased exceptional playmaking skills, enhancing team performance in critical matches.
  3. CEV European Championship: Consistent high-level play, driving the Dutch team through rigorous international competitions.
  4. FIVB World Grand Prix: Contributed significantly to the team's strategies and successes, reinforcing her reputation in international volleyball circles.

Her strategic acumen and skill execution remain vital for the Dutch national team's continued success in international tournaments.

Notable Individual Honors

While Laura Dijkema's team contributions are widely celebrated, her individual honors, including the prestigious Best Setter award at the 2017 European Championship, highlight her exceptional talent and influence on the court.

Since debuting in the Dutch national team in 2010, Dijkema's adept setting skills haven't only been pivotal during international tournaments like the Montreux Volley Masters and the FIVB World Grand Prix but have also solidified her status as a key player.

Her consistent performance, characterized by precise ball distribution and strategic playmaking, has earned her recognition across volleyball circles globally. These accolades underscore Dijkema's mastery over her role and her significant impact on the Dutch national team's dynamics and success on the international stage.

Key Career Milestones

Tracking Laura Dijkema's career, key milestones such as being named Best Setter at the 2017 European Championship distinctly mark her rise in international volleyball. Let's dive into the pivotal moments that have shaped her trajectory:

  1. Early Start: Began playing volleyball at age 7 at Smash club in Beilen, setting the foundation for her future.
  2. Premier League Entry: At just 16, she played in the highest league in the Netherlands, showcasing early signs of her extraordinary talent.
  3. National Debut: Debuted in the Dutch national team while playing for Halkbank in Turkey, a significant leap in her international exposure.
  4. Continued Excellence: Competed in both the 2015 CEV European Championship and the 2016 FIVB World Grand Prix, cementing her status as a top European setter.

Playing Style Analysis

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Analyzing Laura Dijkema's playing style, her exceptional setting skills stand out as fundamental in orchestrating her team's offensive strategies. As a setter, you'll see her strategic style play a pivotal role. She leverages her height of 184cm to execute precise sets, creating optimal scoring opportunities for her teammates. Her setting isn't just about ball placement; it's about timing and understanding the dynamics of the game, which she's mastered over her years in top leagues, including the Italian Volleyball League.

Dijkema's quick decision-making on the court reflects her deep understanding of volleyball. You'd notice her reading the opponents' formation and countermoves swiftly, then adjusting her sets accordingly. This ability not only enhances her team's adaptability during matches but also keeps the opposition guessing. Her prowess in this area earned her the title of Best Setter at the 2017 European Championship, underscoring her impact and effectiveness.

Her role goes beyond mere technical skills; it's about being the tactical heart of the team. Every set she delivers is a blend of precision, foresight, and strategy, making her an indispensable asset to her team.

Impact in LOVB

Laura Dijkema's role as a setter crucially boosts LOVB's offensive capabilities, leveraging her seasoned expertise from international leagues to enhance team dynamics and performance. Her position as a setter isn't just about passing or positioning; it's about being the tactical core on the court, where every set can turn into a strategic advantage.

Here's how Laura makes a profound impact:

  1. Strategic Playmaking: You'll see her reading the opponents and adjusting plays in real-time. Laura's ability to set up plays that exploit the opponent's weaknesses is unmatched, making her an invaluable asset during tight matches.
  2. Enhanced Team Dynamics: Her experience brings a higher level of understanding and anticipation to the team. The way she communicates and collaborates on the court significantly boosts the team's synchrony and execution.
  3. Leadership: Laura doesn't just direct plays; she inspires confidence. Her leadership on the court is evident in how teammates respond to her guidance and her ability to keep the team focused under pressure.
  4. Communication Skills: Effective communication is key in volleyball, and Laura excels in this. Her clear calls and signals ensure that all team members are on the same page, reducing errors and enhancing overall performance.

With Laura as the setter, LOVB's games are more than just matches; they're exhibitions of skillful orchestration.

Off-Court Activities

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While Laura Dijkema's on-court prowess significantly shapes LOVB's strategies, her off-court activities also play a pivotal role in promoting volleyball and engaging with the community. You'll find Laura leveraging her popularity on social media platforms to not only share glimpses of her rigorous training routines but also moments from her personal life, creating a relatable persona that resonates with fans globally.

Her social media engagement extends beyond personal updates. Laura collaborates with various brands and sponsors, using her platform to endorse products that support volleyball and broader athletic initiatives. This symbiotic relationship enhances her influence while contributing to the sport's visibility and appeal.

Moreover, Laura's role as a public figure takes on a deeper significance through her participation in charity events and youth volleyball camps. Here, she isn't just a player but a mentor and inspiration, actively molding the next generation of volleyball talents. Her involvement in these programs underscores her commitment to the sport's future.

Additionally, Laura uses her reach to advocate for crucial social issues within the volleyball community, championing causes that seek to improve the sport's ethical and social landscape. This aspect of her off-court activities not only enriches her profile but also fortifies the community's integrity and unity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Laura Dijkema's Pre-Game Routine?

You'd focus on mental preparation, engage in team interactions, and perform warm up exercises before the game. This routine optimizes performance and team cohesion, crucial for any high-level athletic endeavor.

How Does Dijkema Handle Performance Pressure and Stress?

To handle performance pressure and stress, you'd focus on mental resilience techniques, stress management strategies, and the importance of team communication. These approaches help maintain focus and reduce anxiety during high-pressure situations.

What Are Dijkema's Dietary Preferences During the Season?

In the heat of the season, you focus on nutritional strategies, meticulously planning meal timing and integrating supplement use to enhance performance and recovery, ensuring every dietary choice directly supports your athletic demands.

Has Dijkema Considered Coaching Volleyball Post-Retirement?

You've wondered if Dijkema has considered coaching volleyball after retiring. She's likely contemplating it, given her experience. Transition challenges, coaching philosophy, and mentorship roles will be key factors in her potential career shift.

What Is Laura Dijkema's Favorite Volleyball Memory?

You'll find Laura Dijkema's favorite volleyball memory rich with Olympic experiences, infused with thrilling championship wins, and shaped by dynamic team interactions. These moments define her career, highlighting both personal and collective triumphs.


As you've journeyed with Laura Dijkema, her evolution from a nascent talent to a linchpin in the LOVB mirrors a phoenix rising from the ashes—resilient and reborn.

Her precise sets and strategic plays redefine the game's tempo, serving as the heartbeat of her team.

Off-court, her endeavors resonate well beyond the net, enriching the volleyball community.

Dijkema isn't just playing matches; she's sculpting a legacy, one set at a time, proving that true mastery transcends the court.

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