Ohalo Genetics Boosted Breeding Technology: Pioneering Advancements in Agricultural Efficiency

Boosted Breeding™

Boosted Breeding unlocks:

  • Genetic Leap: Boosted Breeding™ by Ohalo Genetics enables two parents to pass on their entire genome to their progeny. This leapfrogs millennia of slow progression, instantly combining favorable traits into Boosted plants.

  • Hardier Crops: Expect crops that are substantially hardier and larger, thanks to unique trait combinations. Such radical improvements in genetic diversity could lead to yield gains between a staggering 50-100%+.

  • True Seeds: Transition from clonal to true seed propagation in crops leads to uniformity. This scales agronomic practices with unprecedented efficiency and robustness against diseases and yield loss.

Through these mechanisms, your engagement with agriculture shifts. Considerations like food security and sustainability in the context of climate change require such new technologies. These shifts enable more sustainable agriculture practices, embrace an evolutionary lens, and present innovation that benefits the entire agtech industry. You’ll be participating in not just cultivating but revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with agricultural development.

Discover more about the advancements in breeding with Ohalo’s Boosted Breeding™ approach.

How it Works

Building Blocks

DNA is the blueprint of life in plants, containing genes which are the fundamental building blocks. These genes dictate traits that affect everything from adaptability to yield in crop varieties. Through molecular breeding and understanding quantitative genetics, breeders work to enhance positive traits like disease resistance or drought tolerance to ultimately improve crop yields.

Traits and Inheritance

When plants reproduce, they pass on a mix of genes to their offspring, making each plant unique. This random combination can make it challenging to achieve desired traits consistently in plant breeding. To overcome these challenges, techniques that can predict and control genetic outcomes are essential for enhancing traits like yield in crops such as rice and wheat.

Boosting Plants

Ohalo’s technology allows plants to retain a full set of genes from both parent plants, rather than just half. This gene editing process creates Boosted plants with complete genetic material, increasing the likelihood of inheriting beneficial traits and contributing to healthier, higher-yielding crops.

Improving Yield

Boosted plants possess a full genome from each parent, which can lead to a richer trait combination and a wider genetic variation. This diversity can enhance crop yields, as it enables better gene interactions that promote plant growth and health, adapting to various environmental conditions.

Genetically Uniform Seed

By passing on complete genetic information, Boosted plants provide the opportunity for genetically uniform seed production. This innovation simplifies the planting process and can replace more labor-intensive propagation methods, offering consistency, cost savings, and a reduction in disease risks.

In this gene editing era, advancements in crop improvement also involve creating polyploid crops. These genetically modified techniques lead to seedless plants or uniform crop yields across different environmental conditions. Such innovations promise to revolutionize agricultural productivity and sustainability.

The first of many crops—Boosted Potatoes and True Seed™

Ohalo Genetics™ has transformed the potato breeding landscape with their Boosted Breeding technology. This innovation propels the potato, a vital calorie source, into a future of greater yield and disease resistance—crucial for food security. By crossing two distinct potato strains, this method not only improves crop characteristics but also pioneers the use of true seeds in potato farming, a notable shift from the traditional, resource-heavy methods of vegetative propagation.

  • Yield and Disease Resistance: Boosted Breeding yields potatoes with superior characteristics by fusing genetic makeups, setting a new standard for disease resistance and productivity.
  • Environmental Footprint: With true seeds, the need for natural resources is reduced, lessening the environmental impact traditionally associated with potato cultivation.
  • Revolution in Growth: Transitioning to a seed-based system simplifies infrastructure, drastically shortening the production cycle.

In the grand scheme of crop innovation, the Ohalo Genetics™ potato stands out for its altered sugar profile, with decreased levels of glucose and fructose. This not only serves the industry but also aligns with APHIS and U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations, as the modified potato passes plant pest risk assessments. The Biotech Greenhouse Enterprise, located in Mills River, encapsulates this progress with its state-of-the-art facility, a testament to sustainable agriculture advancements.

Arming you with the newest advancements in agricultural biotech, Boosted Breeding assures a healthier, higher-quality potato, fueling the push towards a more sustainable and efficient future in crop production.

Boosted Potato will deliver value to every member of the value chain


Your crops can thrive with Boosted True Seed, offering a formidable shield against disease and the promise of higher quality and yield. Enjoy the benefits of innovations in farming that elevate global agricultural standards.


You can now ship new potato varieties more swiftly, adapting to market trends with ease. This is thanks to the elimination of the traditional bulk up period for seed potatoes, which supports supply chain agility.


You’re at the forefront of product development with climate-resilient varieties, ensuring a reliable supply and reduced environmental impact. This leap forward in processing technology underlines your role as a spearhead in agricultural progress.


Enjoy a more dynamic supply with fresher, premium potatoes that meet the sustainable agriculture demand. The removal of the seed bulk up period enhances your supply chain efficiency and product quality.


You’ll experience a potent improvement in the available potato supply, both in quality and environmental consciousness. This aligns with the pursuit of sustainable living and planetary care.

About Ohalo Genetics™

  • Location: Aptos, California
  • Specialization: Gene-editing for agriculture
  • Key Innovation: Boosted Breeding technology
  • Impact Area: Global agriculture transformation
  • Funding: $9M in Series A funding
  • Investment Leaders: The Climate Corporation and The Production Board
  • Status: Startup incubator phase

Ohalo Genetics™ has emerged from the startup incubator, supported by notable investors, including The Climate Corporation. They have secured substantial capital to advance their gene-editing initiative. Your understanding of genetics advances with Ohalo Genetics™ as they employ innovative breeding techniques to improve crop resilience and yield, setting new benchmarks in sustainable farming and bolstering the world’s food supply amidst changing climates.

Our Leaders

David Friedberg

  • Position: CEO
  • Background: Founder of Metromile, expertise in insurance
  • David Friedberg

Jud Ward

  • Position: CTO
  • Alma Mater: University of Florida
  • Jud Ward

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ohalo Genetics enhance plant breeding with their technology?

Ohalo Genetics utilizes a revolutionary approach by inducing clonal gamete formation in plants. This process allows for the combination of full nuclear genomes from two parent plants, thus maintaining their unique genetic traits. This method advances traditional breeding practices by ensuring more controlled and efficient hybridization, resulting in more sustainable and efficient agriculture.

What are the career opportunities available at Ohalo Genetics?

Ohalo Genetics offers a range of career opportunities for those interested in the intersection of biotechnology and agriculture. Prospective candidates can expect roles such as genetic scientists, agricultural engineers, bioinformatics specialists, and more. Detailed information about current job openings can be found on Ohalo Genetics’ LinkedIn page.

Which crops are currently being developed using Ohalo’s technology?

Currently, Ohalo Genetics is focusing on improving the breeding cycles of staple crops, with particular emphasis on potatoes. By using their proprietary technology, they are developing varieties that are better suited for processing into products like chips and french fries. You can learn about their novel biotech approaches in processing potatoes.

What recent advancements has Ohalo Genetics announced in agricultural biotechnology?

Ohalo Genetics has announced significant advancements in the form of gene-editing tools like CRISPR, which are being used to accelerate the evolution of crops. These advances have been highlighted by their move out of stealth mode, as seen in coverage by synthetic.com.

How can investors get involved with Ohalo Genetics?

Investors looking to get involved with Ohalo Genetics can explore partnership opportunities or look into investment prospects with the company. By reaching out directly to Ohalo Genetics, investors can discover the potential benefits and impacts of their contributions to this innovative field.

Where is Ohalo Genetics headquartered?

Ohalo Genetics maintains its headquarters in the United States. They are actively working on developing cutting-edge solutions for the future of plant breeding and agriculture. The exact location and additional information about their facilities can be found on their official website.

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