Omaha Supernovas Volleyball: Unleashing Potential on the Court

The Omaha Supernovas represent a dynamic addition to the city’s sports landscape. They bring high-level professional volleyball to enthusiastic fans in Omaha. As one of the competing teams in the Pro Volleyball Federation, they have quickly established a reputation for skill and determination.

Omaha Supernovas volleyball players in action, diving and spiking in an intense game in Omaha

They call the CHI Health Center their home, an arena renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities that provide an immersive viewing experience. Throughout the season, the Omaha Supernovas participate in a series of matches that are pivotal to their standing in the league. Each game adds to the highlights and memorable moments for the team and their supporters.

Key Takeaways

  • The Supernovas add a professional volleyball presence to Omaha’s sports scene.
  • Home matches are hosted at the CHI Health Center, offering a top-tier venue experience.
  • The team’s season is filled with significant matches contributing to their league ranking.

Supernovas Volleyball Team Overview

A group of volleyball players stand in formation, ready to compete. The team's name, "Supernovas Volleyball," is prominently displayed

Your curiosity about the Omaha Supernovas, the professional volleyball team rooted in Nebraska, brings you here. As you explore the team, you will discover their journey, talent, leadership, and distinctive identity that captivates fans across the state and beyond.

Team History and Inaugural Season

The Omaha Supernovas made their mark in the world of professional sports with their debut in the Pro Volleyball Federation’s inaugural season. The team’s history began on April 12, 2023, when Omaha was chosen as a franchise city, signaling a new era for volleyball enthusiasts in Nebraska. The inception of the Supernovas brought a thrilling addition to the local sports scene, especially for the Omaha community.

Team Roster and Key Players

The Supernovas’ roster is a blend of veteran prowess and budding talent. Star players like Bethania de la Cruz and Brook Nuneviller shine on the court, while middle blocker Danielle Hart and team captain Tori Dixon bring stability and leadership. Local talent, such as Gina Mancuso-Prososki, adds a personal touch to the team, connecting with Nebraska’s fanbase. Up-and-coming athletes like Paige Briggs, Allison Mayfield, Sydney Hilley, Jess Schaben-Lansman, and Alli Linnehan, ensure a robust and promising squad.

Coaching Staff

Head coach Shelton Collier guides the Supernovas with strategic acumen and experienced perspective. Assistant coach Natalia Valentin-Anderson brings her own set of skills, collaborating with Collier to foster a competitive and cohesive unit. Under their leadership, the Supernovas are not merely competitors but formidable challengers for any team.

Team Colors and Branding

The branding of the Omaha Supernovas is as dynamic as the team itself. The eye-catching team colors symbolize the energy and vibrancy of both the city of Omaha and the explosive nature of an actual supernova. The team’s logo and merchandise have become symbols of regional pride, intertwining with the cultural fabric of Nebraska.

Venue and Facilities

The volleyball court at Supernovas Omaha is bustling with energy, with players serving, spiking, and diving for the ball. The facility is modern and well-equipped, with clean, vibrant colors

Your experience as a fan of the Omaha Supernovas will be elevated with a visit to the CHI Health Center, Omaha’s premier arena. This state-of-the-art facility not only hosts thrilling volleyball matches but also offers a wealth of amenities that cater to every visitor’s needs.

CHI Health Center

The CHI Health Center in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, is a significant landmark for the state. Opening in 2003, this $291 million arena represents the pinnacle of entertainment venues across the United States. With a comprehensive design to accommodate major sports events, conventions, and concerts, its versatility is unmatched.

Stadium Features and Capacity

Stadium Features:

  • Expansive exhibition hall spanning 194,000 square feet
  • An array of meeting rooms totaling 62,000 square feet


  • 18,300 seats available for energized fans during sports events
  • During the Omaha Supernovas matches, attendance has been impressive, with a notable instance drawing over 8,000 attendees, reflecting the city’s vibrant support for their team.

This facility is considered a gem within Nebraska, frequently chosen by fans and athletes alike for its world-class attributes and accommodations.

Season Schedule and Highlights

Dive into the heart of the Omaha Supernovas’ season, where key dates on the schedule and pivotal game results shape their journey through the Pro Volleyball Federation. Whether on the road or at home, every match is a chapter in their story of striving for excellence on the court.

Important Match Dates

  • March 9, 2024: A crucial showdown took place against the San Diego Mojo, setting the tone for the Supernovas’ performance.
  • March 13, 2024: Marked a significant battle where the Supernovas faced the Orlando Valkyries, leaving a strong impression in the league standings.

Notable Game Outcomes

  • The March 9 encounter with the San Diego Mojo was a thrilling affair, ending in a decisive victory for the Supernovas.
  • A challenging match against the Columbus Fury tested the team’s resilience, yet they emerged victorious, enhancing their reputation in the league.

Team Road Trips and Destinations

  • The Supernovas hit the road, showcasing their skills across various cities. They had memorable matches against teams like the Vegas Thrill and Grand Rapids Rise.
  • Each road trip brings a unique set of challenges, as the team adapts to different venues and crowds. This is crucial in building their strength and unity as a team.

Player Performance and Recognition

Volleyball players celebrate as a crowd cheers in Omaha arena

In assessing the Omaha Supernovas, it’s imperative to focus on specific accolades and statistical accomplishments, giving you a clear picture of the team’s top performers.

Player of the Week Accolades

The Pro Volleyball Federation frequently acknowledges extraordinary talent, and Brooke Nuneviller has been a standout. She earned the prestigious Player of the Week for her exceptional play. Her versatility on the court has been a key factor in the recognition she has received.

Individual Player Statistics

To gauge player impact, examining individual statistics is crucial. For instance, Danielle Hart has shown remarkable blocking skills, contributing significantly to the team’s defensive strategy. Meanwhile, Sydney Hilley‘s assists per set have been impressive, showcasing her as a pivotal playmaker for the Supernovas.

  • Brooke Nuneviller

    • Kills: 150
    • Digs: 200
  • Danielle Hart

    • Blocks: 50
  • Sydney Hilley

    • Assists per set: 9.5

Team Rankings

The Supernovas’ collective efforts have placed them highly in the league rankings. This is partly thanks to the strategic guidance of their coach, Natalia Valentin-Anderson. Her leadership has been instrumental in honing the team’s competitive edge, propelling them into a strong position within the league.

Frequently Asked Questions

A volleyball soaring over a net, with players in action and an audience cheering in the background

In this section, you’ll find precise answers to common inquiries about the Pro Volleyball Federation’s Omaha Supernovas.

How can I find the Omaha Supernovas volleyball team roster?

You can view the latest team roster by visiting the Pro Volleyball Federation’s official Omaha Supernovas page. The page is regularly updated with player details and statistics.

What is the seasonal schedule for the Omaha Supernovas volleyball team?

The complete seasonal schedule, including upcoming matches, is detailed on the Omaha Supernovas’ schedule page. Here you’ll find dates and opponents for all games throughout the season.

Where can I purchase tickets for Omaha Supernovas games?

Tickets for home and away games are available for purchase on the Omaha Supernovas’ ticket page. The page offers various seating options and packages.

Where are Omaha Supernovas home games played?

The home games for the Omaha Supernovas are held at the CHI Health Center, a premier arena in downtown Omaha with a substantial capacity for fans.

Are the Omaha Supernovas matches broadcasted on television, and if so, on which channels?

While specific broadcast information might vary from season to season, you can typically find Omaha Supernovas matches on sports networks. For the most current broadcast details, check the Pro Volleyball Federation website or your local TV listings.

What is the average salary for players on the Omaha Supernovas volleyball team?

The average salary for Pro Volleyball Federation players like those on the Omaha Supernovas team is not publicly disclosed. Salary details are generally managed by the team and league administration on a contractual basis.